Evidence-Based Dentistry for the Dental Hygienist

ISBN: 978-0-86715-646-1

Author(s)/Editor(s): Frantsve-Hawley, Julie (editor)

376 pp; 48 illus;

© 2014



Evidence-Based Dentistry for the Dental Hygienist

Like any other dental professional, dental hygienists must practice evidence-based dentistry (EBD) to provide the best care to their patients, whether it be through scaling and root planing, caries prevention, or patient education.

This book is intended as a textbook for dental hygienists to learn the importance of EBD in the practice of dental hygiene as well as how to implement EBD practices and share EBD findings among office staff.

As the dental knowledge base evolves and scientific discoveries are made, dental hygienists must understand how to seek out and evaluate findings and, if appropriate, apply them in their clinical practice, and this book provides all the necessary tools to do just that.



Chapter 01. Introduction to Evidence-Based Dentistry (James D. Bader)
Chapter 02. Study Design, Levels of Evidence, and Systematic Reviews (Joseph Matthews)
Chapter 03. Literature Searching (Patricia F. Anderson)
Chapter 04. Online Resources for Evidence-Based Practice (Mark MacEachern)
Chapter 05. Critical Appraisal and Evidence Summaries (Debora C. Matthews)
Chapter 06. Evidence-Based Clinical Recommendations and Guidelines (Julie Frantsve-Hawley)
Chapter 07. Introduction to Statistics (Elliot Abt)
Chapter 08. Evidence-Based Dentistry in the Practice of Dental Hygiene (Jane Gillette and Harold A. Henson)
Chapter 09. Use of Evidence-Based Dentistry in Dental Public Health (Robert Weyant and Hope Saltmarsh)
Chapter 10. Current Evidence for Caries Preventive Strategies (Richard Jackson and Domenick Zero)
Chapter 11. Current Evidence on Community Water Fluoridation (Frances Kim and Robyn Olson)
Chapter 12. Application of Evidence-Based Dentistry to Periodontal Diseases (John Gunsolley and Joan Pellegrini)
Chapter 13. Evidence-Based Approaches to Screening for Cancers of the Oral Cavity and Pharynx (Scott L. Tomar)
Chapter 14. Current Evidence on Antiresorptive Agent-Induced Osteonecrosis of the Jaw (James J. Zahrowski)