Ceramics in Dentistry

Principles and Practice

ISBN: 978-0-86715-653-9

Author(s)/Editor(s): Kelly, J. Robert

128 pp; (softcover); 176 illus;

© 2016



Ceramics in Dentistry:Principles and Practice

The use of ceramics in dentistry holds enormous potential for restoring dentitions, but ceramics can be difficult to master because of the common problems of chipping and fracture.

This book unlocks the mystery behind successful use of dental ceramics and lays bare the science behind this high technology.

The author shows how and why fracture occurs and explains why choosing the right material, design and processing method are vital to the success of any ceramic restoration and why certain ceramic systems are most suitable for certain clinical situations.

The author also details how to achieve esthetic excellence without compromising strength.

The book concludes with a chapter on the use of ceramics in implant dentistry and how CAD/CAM technology can be used to revolutionize this field. Thumbnails featured throughout point to extra online content.


Chapter 1. Introduction to Ceramics in Dentistry – Where Did This Stuff Come From?
Chapter 2. Ceramics 101: What Is This Stuff Anyway?
Chapter 3. Indications for All-Ceramic Systems Based on Clinical Evidence
Chapter 4. Engineering with Ceramics: Maximizing Durability and Esthetics
Chapter 5. Processing of Ceramic Restorations and Prostheses
Chapter 6. Getting It Right: Basic Requirements for an Esthetically Successful Outcome
Chapter 7. Structural Ceramics in Implant Dentistry