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影片長度:1 Hour and 5 mins Webinar
語言:英文 無字幕

講者:Dr. Angelo Cardarelli

Piezosurgery Treatment of Impacted Teeth




近年來引入牙科手術的創新技術對這個領域造成了極大的影響。特別是將超音波應用於外科手術,已經改變了一些最常見的臨床術式。在拔除第三大臼齒阻生齒,一種新的概念開始被推廣:壓電骨外科手術(piezoelectric surgery)或超音波骨刀(piezosurgery)。



The avulsion of the included or semi-included dental elements is one of the most frequently used clinical procedures performed by the oral surgeon.

This practice can be relatively simple or extremely arduous about many variables related to the element that has to be extracted such as the localization, anatomy of the dental crown and roots, depth, and type of inclusion. If some dental avulsion can be considered routine dental surgery, the extraction of Dental elements included requires considerable technical preparation, accurate knowledge of all noble anatomical structures, and mature surgical experience. It is essential to perform a correct treatment planning that allows, on the one hand, to minimize the risk of post complications surgical (pain, edema, trismus, alveolitis …) and, on the other, to be able to manage those complications accurately, always with the lowest biological cost for the patient. In the latest years, Oral surgery has strongly suffered from the technological innovations introduced in this field. In particular, the use of ultrasound applied to surgery has changed some of the most frequent clinical procedures, such as the extraction of third parties molars included, thus spreading an innovative concept in all dentistry: piezoelectric surgery or piezosurgery.

Unlike implantology, it is a branch now widespread among dentists, extractive surgery still represents a “taboo” for many colleagues, who while practicing surgery daily implant, prefer to leave the avulsions often to maxillofacial surgeons or oral surgeons, considering it an intervention of greater complexity and often a source of anxiety and stress for the operator. So taking care of about 10 years of simple and complex extractive surgery I needed to elaborate a COURSE in which they have described simply and linearly the surgical techniques for the avulsion of the dental elements included, to provide a repeatable and predictable approach and method to reduce their invasiveness and traumatic procedures.



Graduated in Dentistry and Dental Prosthesis at the University of L’Aquila on 07/26/07 with the vote of 110/110 and Praise, discussing the Thesis in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, entitled: “Biopsy Punch in Surgery oral.” Supervisor Prof. C.Maggiore, Co-rapporteur Prof. R. Gatto.

Postgraduate Diploma in Odontostomatological Surgery at the University “Sapienza” of Rome 2009/2010 with the vote 65/70, discussing the thesis entitled: “Times and Loading Modes of Post-Extraction Plants”; Supervisor Prof. C. Maggiore.

Since 2012 Scientific Consultant at the Advanced Oral and Implant Surgery Department at the IRCSS San Raffaele Hospital in Milan, Director Prof. EF Gherlone  

Professor at the Vita-Salute San Raffaele University of Milan at the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery

Member of the ACRIS Implant Research Group at the San Raffaele Hospital in Milan, Director Prof. EFGherlone

Teacher at the Post-graduate in Implant-prosthesis 2017 San Raffaele Hospital Milan

Professor at the Postgraduate Course in Piezoelectric Oral Surgery University of Naples Federico II academic year 2016-2017