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影片長度:1 Hour and 2 min Webinar
語言:英文 無字幕

講者:Dr. Massimo Gagliani

Root canal retreatment: new solutions for old problems



本課程旨在為牙科專業人員提供臨床操作的最新實用訊息和經驗 。

  • 根管再治療的工作計劃 :何時要再治療、為什麼不進行再治療,或是何時須選擇其他的治療選項
  • 根管再處理(reprocessing):合理性、問題和技術解決方案
  • 複雜的再處理:回復材料和裝置的可能性
• 再治療 • MTA   • 骨萎縮    • 鎳鈦  
• 牙髓手術治療    • 穿孔根管水泥   

Root Canal Retreatment might be a very complex dental procedure; therefore, the training objective is to allow the participants to focus on the real indications for retreatment,  suggesting the best therapeutic alternatives, connecting them to the pre-operative status of the teeth and the skills and the equipments needed to accomplish root canal retreatment in the best way.

This course aim to give dental professionals a useful update and valid experiences that can be transferred to clinical practice.

During the course, will be analized:

  • The work plan in case of root canal retreatment: when to retract, why not retract or when to choose another therapeutic option
  • Root canal reprocessing: rational, problems and technical solutions
  • Complex reprocessing: possibility of recovering materials and equipment

• Retreatment   • MTA  • Bone atrophy   • Nickel & Titanium  
• Surgical endodontics   • Perforation Root canal cement   


Dr. Massimo Gagliani got the Degree in Medicine on 1983. Specialty in Dentistry on 1987, Specialty in Orthodontics in 1989.

He devoted his research activity on Restorative Dentistry and Endodontics since 1990, he became Researcher at the University of Milan in 1992; in the same University was upgraded to Associate Professor in 2000. Actually He is the chief of the Restorative & Endodontics Dept. at the Dental School “Giorgio Vogel”, DDBS, University of Milan.

He is an Active Member of the major international and national Society on Restorative & Endodontics such as: ESE, AAE, AIC, SIE, SIDOC.

He is one of the five founders of the Digital Dental Academy (DDA).
He published in all the major international journals several papers on Restorative & Endodontics topics.

He, also, published chapters and was Editor in several books on Restorative and Endodontics topics.

He is Member of the Editorial Board in some of the most respected italian journals and Scientific Coordinator for Editorial Group EDRA (active also in Poland and Spain) publisher of: Dental Cadmos (the oldest journal in Dentistry published in Italy) and of the website
Formerly He was Editor in Chief of the Italian Journal of Endodontics (Giornale Italiano di Endodonzia).